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Organizing a house

We’ve recently moved into a nice new house and starting to set up our life. Due to the specifics of our setup and rolling from the success of using Trello to organize the purchase of the house and our wedding, we’re on the lookout for a way to organize ourselves in the long-term. (more…)

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Why put your .emacs in org-mode?

One of my favourite new things in my Emacs rebirth was finding org-mode and learning that you can write your .emacs file in org-mode. But why do it?


Maintaining consistency in pages using org-mode projects

I use org-mode for a heck of a lot of things nowadays: lecture notes, campaign notes for roleplaying games, and design documents for my projects. I often like to export these as HTML since everyone can fairly effortlessly view web pages on any device.

For large projects, it makes sense to break up your document into sub-documents. For example, in campaign notes, I might have an org-mode document per non-player character or location. For lecture notes, I’m designing courses to be extremely modular, so each component is split out into its own page. This strategy keeps things separate and allows you to easily make customizations per page. But I’d want to ensure that every page maintains some basic settings so I don’t need to maintain them across all the files in my project.

How do you do this?